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Welcome to our online shop dkh-wassertechnik

We present a very comprehensive range of drinking water filters, water ionisers, water distributors and water vitalisers. Clean, healthy and pollutant-free drinking water is vitally important for everyone. For this reason, you can find technically certified, responsible, and guaranteed long lasting water treatment systems.

Find the right filter system for you:
So that you can ‘find the correct water filter and vitalising system’ for you, we have divided the different water treatment systems into main groups and categories (found on the left-hand side of the screen).

The catagories are:
Water filters, reverse osmosis filters, water decalcification, water ioniser, water vitaliser, water energiser, vortex water filter, water dispensers and water filter fixtures. The subcategories point out the place of installation, such as house water filters, table filters, under table filters, fountain filters etc. The location and the water outlet determine the type of filter. A water analysis in on site laboratories gives conclusive information as to whether special filters are necessary.

The variety of our offers:
The type of water filter is determined by the desired location e.g. whether you require a water filter for a whole house, a kitchen or on a journey; by the quality of the water source e.g. whether tap, well or reservoir water should be filtered, and by whether certain undesirable particles such as chlorine, chalk, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, nitrates, manganese, iron or anything else need to be filtered out. Would you also like to energise the water? For vitalising or reviving water, we offer water vortex filters, water vitalisers, water energisers as well as vortex showers.

We can help you with the choice:
We would be pleased to help you out with the variety of our offers. If you do not speak German, address your questions to us by email. We will promptly deal with these and answer by email. Should you prefer to be advised by telephone, we will of course call you through our interpreter.

Translating our offers into your language:
Your can get our offers translated in to your language online. Either simply select the google language tools or chose the language at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and click ‘translate.’ You will immediately see the complete translation of our online shop.

Orders from abroad:
We deliver worldwide. Every order through our online shop will automatically be confirmed in German. You can have your order confirmation translated with Google language tools.

Shipping and Payment:
You can find detailed information about our shipping and payment terms here.

We would be pleased to take your order:
We hope that you will chose to place an order with us and we make every effort to ensure that you are well served so that you recommend us further to friends and acquaintances as a supplier of water treatment systems. We would be pleased to make you a separate competitive offer for companies placing large orders on request.

Kind regards
from Bad Oeynhausen (on the river Weser) in Germany

Please contact us with any further questions:
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32549 Bad Oeynhausen
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